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Sensei Greg Melia and Marty Fareri incorporate the ethics, moral integrity and martial art techniques they've gained from their lifetimes of experience into each and every aspect of the 914 Krav Maga experience.

Sensei Greg Melia (partner and head Instructor)

Greg Melia started training when he was seven years old. Excelling at Martial Arts, Greg earned a 1st Degree Black Belt at the young age of fourteen. His Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu training began at 15 years old and his Krav Maga training started at 16 years old. Greg achieved his Krav Maga certification at the age of eighteen.

Loved by all of his students for his commitment and dedication, Greg teaches the children's class, Krav Maga, Grappling/Brazilian Jujitsu & Muay Thai. Greg brings a lot of experience into the classroom from his 20 plus years of combined training.

In 2007 he received the “Most Inspiring Instructor” Award from the Educational Funding Company, the world's largest International Martial Arts billing company, and the “Marni Levine Fighting Spirit”Award from Krav Maga Worldwide - the International governing body of Krav Maga. Greg has continued to strive for excellence in teaching, which is demonstrated by his having again earned the Most Inspiring Instructor awards in 2009, 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014 from the Educational Funding Company. For all four awards Greg had the distinction of being chosen over thousands of other Martial Arts Instructors due to his dedication to the school, students and interest in improving his teaching methods.

In addition to his teaching ability, Greg is well known for his fighting and competing abilities. He has competed in Grapplers Quest and North American Grapplers Association, winning many medals in 2012, 2013, and 2014. He is the American Kickboxing Federation 155 Muay Thai Champion and the Head Coach of Muay Thai Nation, a fight team he created and led two of his students to the Muay Thai Championship victories.

Marty Fareri

Marty Fareri (partner and senior instructor)

Marty Fareri is in charge of our assessment & training program(s) for the MATURE Adult. This program will help the older generation become functionally active and Independent. Survive, Thrive, Live is our theme/motto.

Functional ability is the ability to handle every day functions, but are you improving the quality of your life, and will that impact your functional ability ten, fifteen, even twenty years from now? Our goal is helping people just like you achieve maximum function for the rest of your life. Our passion is for people who want to feel and look better, and get a blueprint in order to have a better QUALITY of life well into their 50's, 60’s, 70’s and beyond. A Functional Fitness Solution Program for the Mature Adult.

I am currently enrolled with the Functional Aging Institute where I will be completing my Functional Aging Specialist certification.

About the Functional Aging Institute:

The FAI was founded in 2013 by leading functional aging experts Dan Ritchie, PhD and Cody Sipe, PhD. For over 15 years, Dan and Cody have been at the forefront of developing innovative, effective and science-based training programs for their older clients. Over the past 8 years they have shared their unique philosophies, techniques and insights with tens of thousands of trainers around the world. During that time they reviewed almost every "senior fitness" certification program on the market and could not find any that met their high standards. They decided then and there to create high quality certifications that would help fitness professionals to be more successful with the fastest-growing client base in the world...adults 55 and over.

Livia Meneghin - Trainer

Livia Meneghin has been training in Japanese Jujitsu for the past twelve years. She earned her 1st degree black belt when she was 15, and her 2nd degree when she was 21. Livia earned her purple belt in Krav Maga after seven years, and looks to continue on her way towards black. Livia has also studied Muay Thai, Grappling/Brazilian Jujitsu, Xtreme Martial Arts, Boxing and Wrestling.

With years of previous experience, Livia teaches the children's classes at Westchester Martial Arts. She has been commended for her work ethic and ability to help her students achieve their full potential. Helping others learn and grow brings her a lot of joy, motivating her to always perform her best."

Livia has competed and won a few tournaments in XMA and has experience in sparring.

She is a recent graduate of Franklin & Marshall College, and was the captain of her sports team, and that she holds a school record in shot put.

Karin Messina - Fitness/Cardio-Kickboxing Instructor

Karin Messina is originally from the Bronx, NY and now resides in Eastchester NY with her husband and two daughters. Karin earned a Bachelors degree in Education and has spent 16 years as an English teacher working in the Yonkers Public School System. She also earned a Master's degree in Educational Psychology from Fordham University and a Professional Diploma in School Administration from the College of New Rochelle. After a rewarding career in the field of Education, Karin chose to be a stay at home mom to her two daughters. When her daughters started school, Karin pursued her life's passion for fitness and became a Personal Fitness Trainer and Cardio Kickboxing Instructor. Karin brings more than 10 years of experience in the fitness industry and has a passion for helping people reach their fitness goals.

Adam Collarile - Mixed Martial Arts / Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Instructor

Adam Collarile was born and raised in Dobbs Ferry, New York where he was a staple for the DFHS Wrestling team until graduating in 2006. However, It wasn't until 2008 that Adam met Greg Melia and began training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, KravMaga and Muay Thai. In 2009 Adam decided to make a big change in his life and decided to move to Hilo, Hawaii to learn Jiu Jitsu and Mixed Martial Arts from one of the best in the business, BJ Penn.

Under the tutelage of BJ Penn, Ross Ebanez and Chad Ha’o of Nova Uniao Hawaii and Boss MMA/Penn Training and Fitness Center, Adam went on to compete against some of the best fighters in Hawaii and South East Asia. After going undefeated for three years, Adam was finally granted a title shot under the fight promotion Just Scrap, formerly known as Rumble on the Rock. Here Adam dispatched of the former champion in the 1st round, submitting him in incredible fashion. After defending his belt against tough opposition, Adam made his Professional debut against a Hawaiian top 10 competitor in 2015. Here Adam was able to show just how incredible his ground skills are, once again submitting his opponent in the first round.

As time went on, Adam decided to move to Florida where he began training with American Top Team, taking his Jiu Jitsu to the next level. Adam went on compete in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu tournaments throughout the state, taking medals in expert level competitions and was then invited to compete in professional Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Invitationals against world class grapplers. After one year in Florida and the a buzz about Mixed Martial Arts sweeping the country, Adam set his sights back on his home state, New York.

With the recent legalization of Mixed Martial Arts in the state of New York and rising popularity of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Adam and Greg began talking about creating a program based solely on ground fighting while mixing in the Muay Thai and KravMaga. This idea has finally come to fruition as Adam has now moved back to New York and has taken the task of creating a program for adults and children of all skill levels.

Fighting is not the only thing Adam is good at as he has taken a passion for teaching the martial arts. In Hawaii, Adam was one of the founders of the Prodigy Wrestling Team, the first of its kind on the Big Island of Hawaii. Here he helped lead youth and adult wrestlers toward a successful career on and off the mats. Adam also worked exclusively with the Penn Hawaii Youth Foundation where he helped empower at-risk youth towards making a positive change in their lives by being involved in the martial arts. His passion for the Martial arts as well as his drive to help others become successful and confident on the mats shows through his teaching style.

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